Magdalena Scholz, M.Sc.

Research Associate


In many cases vibration and its transmission are fairly well measurable and simulated. The quality of both depends to a good extend on the complexity of the geometries, materials and connections involved. With hand-arm-vibrations, vibrations of a mostly handheld element are transmitted to a system, which is subjected to great inter-individual variations – the human hand and arm. Not only the human itself poses challenges especially for simulating, but also the connection between the hand-arm-system and the vibrating device as well as several other influencing factors result in this topic being rather complex. For measurements factors like the placement of the sensors have to be taken into account and tend to reduce comparability of different studies. As a third aspect the perception and the transmission of information play a part in hand-arm-vibrations.

Research Topics:

  • Simulations of harm-arm vibrations using COMSOL Multuphysics & Simulink
  • Measurement of hand-arm vibrations
  • Psychophysics


Winter term 2019/20

TitleCourse no.DatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
Sound Radiation0000000743Link4PR



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