Christopher Jelich, M.Sc.

Research Associate

Measuring damping of sandwich materials

Acoustic properties are important objective quantities in the structural design process of thin-walled lightweight structures. Due to increased demands on consumer and investment goods, the acoustical and structural dynamical behavior is becoming increasingly important. In this context, the damping of a structure is an essential parameter. Both the experimental and the numerical analysis of the damping is therefore an important part of the development process. In the case of complex material systems, such as composite and sandwich structures, with partly nonlinear behavior, both measuring and modeling of damping is becoming more difficult. Facing damping properties which are additionally depending on the location, e.g. due to inhomogeneities in the material or due to manufacturing uncertainties, lead to a further increase in complexity.

In this context, the damping properties of strongly damped sandwich structures are to be determined experimentally at first. In particular, nonlinearities as well as the location dependence of the damping parameters are considered in more detail. In the second part, the experimentally determined damping properties are to be analyzed numerically, taking into account material and model uncertainties.

Research Topics:

  • Computational vibro-acoustics
  • Finite & boundary element method (FEM & BEM)
  • Fast multipole method and hierarchical matrix formats
  • Iterative Krylov methods


Winter term 2019/20

TitleCourse no.DatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
Vibroacoustic Finite Element Simulations in Virtual Prototyping0000000069Link4PR



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