Acoustic colloquium: Laser Doppler vibrometry measurement techniques in building acoustics: A step towards an improved reproducibility at low frequencies?


Presentation by Prof. Nicolaas Bernardus Roozen, professor at the department of Physics and Astronomy at the KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, during the acoustic colloquium on Tuesday, June 04, 2019 at 05.00-06.30 p.m. in room MW1501. The presentation will be held in English. Everybody is welcome to attend the presentation.

Abstract to the presentation:

The measurement of the sound reduction index R of a building element in a laboratory is described in ISO10140:2010. It is known that the acoustic characteristics of the transmission suite can significantly influence the measured sound reduction index, especially at low frequencies. Due to the reduced density of room acoustic eigenmodes, microphone based measurements are strongly affected by non-uniformity of the sound pressure field at low frequencies, resulting in poor reproducibility between laboratories. Given the increased interest in low frequency sound insulation measurements, an improvement of the reproducibility between different laboratories would be desirable.

About the lecturer:

Bert Roozen has been affiliated to KU Leuven since 2012, and is guest professor at KU Leuven since 2015. He started in industry at Fokker Aircraft, and worked for the Philips Research Laboratories. He combined his industrial position with a part-time professor position at the Eindhoven University of Technology from 2003-2011. He was President of the Acoustical Society of the Netherlands from 2008-2012. His main fields of interests are structure-borne sound and vibration, building acoustics, physical acoustics and measurement techniques. He is (co-) author of about 40 papers in peer reviewed international journals, over 100 other public articles and 22 filed patents.